delhi pollution

Infection of respiratory diseases, all ICU of Delhi full

Due to rain and wind in Delhi Despite this, pollution has increased. PM 2.5 and Delhi’s PM 10 levels rise continuously Air Quality Index (AQI) Sunday 625 at 10 am and 708 at 5 pm Was registered Breath in Delhi due to air pollution Infection related diseases has increased ICU of all hospitals filled here.

Lung Care Foundation Chairman and Ganga Ram Dr. Arvind Kamar of the hospital said that PM 2.5 level 22 of a cigarette Is equal. If in 24 hours 500 AQI It would be equivalent to smoking 22 cigarettes. i.e A child smokes equivalent to 22 cigarettes in Delhi Swallowing. PM 2.5 level 1000 know But this is equivalent to 45 cigarettes.

These are the cities Where the AQI is high.

Ghaziabad 499868
Greater Noida488675

Delhi-NCR : A survey released on Sunday According Delhi and NCR 40% of people leave the city Want to go somewhere else . The survey included 47 thousand people Were.

On the other hand, the head of the Prime Minister Secretary PK Mishra High Decided in level meeting That Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba Punjab, Haryana and From the Chief Secretaries of Delhi 24 hour status by making contact Will monitor

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