speed of light

Speed ​​has changed the life of human beings and speed itself is changing. Getting off the bullock cart and horse, the person rode on a bicycle. Then started traveling on the bike and now on the plane. Earlier it used to take 2 days to travel 100 kilometers, now you can reach 100 kilometers in 2 hours .

Speed ​​changed a person’s life. The first letter to 400 full-km reach 1 seemed Week will now match the 4 seconds 6 will get the person sitting far thousand kilometers and will Votsaep 2 will meet in seconds. If you are mobile, then in 1 to 2 seconds he will hear your voice. So to say that speed is very important in life. Due to this speed, the future of human beings was something else but now the future has changed.

Human still does not have enough speed to go to the moon and take a sip of tea and return to the earth again in 1 hour. If someone had organized dinner in the evening on Mars, then returned to the earth as soon as morning. When such a pace will develop, then the development we are seeing today will be several thousand times more development. Scientists are working towards achieving such speed.

Human wants to travel at the speed of light: 

when lightning flashes in the sky, first of all we see the lightning flashes and only then its thunder is heard. This means that the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound. Scientists have achieved the speed of sound, but to achieve the speed of light is just a little crooked. 

There are many missiles whose firepower is faster than the speed of sound. There are also fighter aircraft , which fly faster than the speed of sound. But man wants the car to move at the speed of sound , just move and train. However, he has also been successful to some extent and now wishes to have a space plane moving at the speed of light.

The speed of light is so high that it will cover the distance from London to New York more than 50 times in 1 second . If sending such a speed message will take 12.5 minutes to send the message to Mars . Now if we want to return to Mars, we have to achieve the speed of light, otherwise we can go but there is no guarantee of returning. Now you can add that 22 will take much time to go from million kilometers if we 1,000 go at a speed of kilometers per hour …. 

What is the speed of light:

The perfect speed of light is 2,99,792.458 kilometers per second in vacuum like space . In the Rigveda, the speed of light of the sun is told to be approximately this. The average distance of the Earth from the Sun is about 14,96,00,000 kilometers or 9,29,60,000 miles and it takes 8 minutes 16.6 seconds for the Sunlight to reach the Earth . 

The distance traveled by light in a year is called a light year .One light year means approximately 9,500 billion kilometers. This is the speed of light. It has a formula- 9.4607 × 10^to the power12 KM (nearly 6 trilion miles).

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