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Microsoft used this experiment in its Japan unit in August
This gave relief to the employees , reduced the company’s expenses , appealed to other companies to use the same.
If the company knows the opinion of the employees, 92.1 
% said it is excellent

experts said – this concept may not apply to every company.

In order to get more work from government sector employees in India, their office time is set to be increased to 9 hours. On the other hand, the computer software giant, Microsoft, did the opposite to increase the production capacity of its employees. Microsoft hired employees in its Japan unit in August for just 4 days a week for a month . This led to a significant jump in production capacity of employees and increased by 40 % over the previous year .

The company gave 2300 employees a three-day holiday, giving extra Fridays of the week. In this way the employees worked only 4 days a week . According to the company , during the experiment staff had to compromise with the rest of their holiday. Not only this , due to such holidays, employees also took less holidays. Microsoft reported the results that this increase in productivity was due to a decrease in meeting times.

How employees save their time :

No meetings lasted more than 30 minutes. Many meetings have become virtual. The emails were answered quickly. Other decisions were also taken immediately instead of being postponed. During this period, electricity consumption decreased by 23.1 % and paper usage was reduced by 58.7 % . This reduced the company’s expenses.

Expert said –  additional personnel will have to be recruited

At the end of a month, when the company came to know their opinion from their employees, 92.1 % considered it a great idea. Experts on this move of the company say that this concept cannot be applicable to every company. Who would work seven days in companies , will have to hire additional staff.

Microsoft preparing to try again

On the other hand , Microsoft is preparing to try this experiment again. He has asked employees to adopt new standards to maintain work – life balance. Get great ideas. Microsoft has also appealed to other companies to join the initiative.

Successful formula in small companies is effective even in big company.

So far, small companies have been trying the concept of work 4 days a week , but Microsoft’s experiment has proved that this formula can be applied in big companies as well. A New Zealand firm has also tried it for two months and has described it as successfulRichard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic, described it as a joy booster.

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